Welcome at investigation bureau Riscon

Riscon Arnhem BV is a private detective agency founded in 1996, approved by the Department of Justice.


Riscon delivers investigation and advice services on the following (not limited) matters:

· Theft and embezzlement, including in the (business)area of transport, retail and catering

· Absenteeism of employees

· Breaches of the competition (clauses in contracts)

· Pre employment screenings

· ICT investigations (computers, mobile phones etc.), including data recovery, license or other abuse etc.

· Research on financial administration

· Person-oriented research

· Asset research

· Security related matters including risk assessment, integrity research etc.

· Coordination and assistance of seizures

· Judicial custody

Our successful investigations are mainly determined by the quality of our employees. Integrity and professionalism are important characteristics that belong to our experienced investigators, who have various specializations.

Working area

We work throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Our office is located in Ede, in the centre of the Netherlands. Feel free to call our office, the first consult is always free of charge.

Before we start to work our clients always receive a quotation and our general terms and conditions. We are transparent in the costs and give regular updates during the investigation about the estimated hours.


The Department of Justice has granted licenses to Riscon the following:

Private research firm POB 591

Private security organization ND 1320

Memberships Association of private industry research (BPOB) www.BPOB.nl


If you require further information from our office e-mail us at info@risconarnhem.nl, or telephone +31(0)318666644.

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